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3 Minute Fitness

Build your stress tolerance and mental fitness with just a few minutes of mindfulness.

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I’m Here To Help You

Unlock Your True Potential

Beyond limitations and self-doubt lies a realm of possibilities and strength in us all. Together, I want to help you tap into the unlimited possibilities seated within your soul.

I believe that strength is more than just physical ability. Without emotional intelligence, one can never break free to the next level of life. Which is why I’ve dedicated my academic career to understanding the psychology of performance.

I am here as your coach in every since of that word. My mission is to help as many people level-up in life and achieve their inner most desires through discipline, focus, deliberate action, intentional stillness, and a community of support.

My goal is to live a complete and full life of intention and gratitude. To be a model of those ideals and strive towards them daily. And to coach other like-minded individuals who are also determined to live a life of success.

Your New Coach

The Mind of a Stoic. The Heart of a Coach.

My programs are designed for people looking to achieve in life. They are designed specifically to take you to the next level, in the shortest time possible. All with support, encouragement, and confidence.

Fitness Coaching

Become clear and focussed in the gym and the kitchen in order to reach new levels of health and fitness. No matter your age or where you’re starting at, my customized and personalized fitness + nutrition program will have you busting through plateaus.

Mindset Coaching

Living a life of intention is about actively shaping your destiny into exactly what you want, instead of taking life as it comes your way. In this 6-week program, you will learn how to squash negative thoughts and have the confidence to achieve exactly what you desire.

Let’s Grow Together

Austin Santee

Passion for positive change and improvement is what drives Austin Santee to help other sin the way he does. His early passion for sports initially led him down a path of physical achievement through competition. But he discovered that metals and awards dosen’t fix what’s broken on the inside.

Today, Austin is obtaining his PhD in psychology to provide a fully rounded coaching experience for those who are also passionate about success.


Stories from my clients.

Everyone’s starting place is different. So too are their goals and motivations. But with desire, a process, and the heart to endure nothing is out of reach.

I knew I could trust Austin's guidance through this process. He guided me through the process of losing 20lbs in 3 months and from 21% body fat down to 9%.

Aaron Doughty

I've had 5 or 6 trainers over the years and Austin is the most effective, attentive, knowledge, and motivating one. He sincerely cares about his clients and their results.

Craig Alshin

When I started training with Austin I was 265lbs and over 19% body fat. In less than one year I was down to 220lbs and less than 13% body fat! I regained control of my body and confidence.

Chris Gallina