The Ultimate Mind-Body Transformation

Mindset & Fitness Coaching

pyramid of the components of a person, master each tier for success

Why Mindset Coaching Matters!

Imagine your life force as a triangle. Each side represents a crucial ingredient for a fulfilling life:

  • Body: Exercise, nutrition, rest, and recovery fuel both your physical and mental well-being.
  • Others: Strong, positive relationships open doors and support your growth.
  • Yourself: Understanding and respecting your needs sets the foundation for progress.

But here’s the catch: Focusing solely on one side isn’t enough. That’s where I come in.

Think of me as your guide to holistic well-being. I help you connect the dots between physical fitness, mental resilience, and meaningful relationships. Through personalized coaching and actionable tools, we’ll:

  • Craft a healthy body: Develop sustainable habits for lasting energy and confidence.
  • Build strong connections: Master emotional intelligence and cultivate fulfilling relationships.
  • Unlock your inner strength: Conquer self-doubt and build unshakeable self-worth.

No more feeling stuck in one corner of the triangle. Together, we’ll build a balanced life force that propels you towards your greatest potential.

Why me? I believe that true transformation comes from understanding both the mind and body. My personal journey, combined with my studies in psychology and extensive coaching experience, equips me to help you achieve lasting results.

Ready to build a life you love? Let’s connect and explore how I can help you thrive in all aspects of your life.

Mind & Muscle Mastery: 

Building Better Performance from the Inside Out

Are you a driven high-achiever who strives for excellence in all facets of life? You’ve climbed mountains, smashed goals, and built a successful career. Yet, a nagging feeling persists: there’s more to unlock. Perhaps you struggle with stress, self-doubt, or limited energy, hindering your true potential. You’re not alone. Many high performers hit a plateau, realizing true success transcends trophies and accolades. It’s about building inner strength, resilience, and fulfilling relationships.

This is where I come in. I’m Austin Santee, your guide to overall well-being and peak performance. As a combined mental and physical fitness coach, I help high-performers like you bridge the gap between ambition and fulfillment. My unique approach synergizes physical training, mental resilience techniques, and relationship intelligence to empower you to:

  • Master your mind: Conquer limiting beliefs, boost emotional intelligence, and cultivate unshakeable self-confidence.
  • Optimize your body: Build sustainable fitness habits, unlock peak performance, and fuel your mind with vitality.
  • Forge meaningful connections: Develop healthy relationships, cultivate effective communication, and create a supportive network.


Why this integrated approach? Simply put, your mind and body are not separate entities. Chronic stress sabotages your workouts. Unhealthy relationships drain your energy. By addressing both facets, you build holistic resilience, enabling you to:

  • Achieve greater clarity and focus.
  • Navigate challenges with composure and bounce back stronger.
  • Experience deeper fulfillment and joy in all areas of life.


My story fuels my passion. Raised in poverty, I overcame adversity through self-discipline and relentless pursuit of self-improvement. But physical fitness alone wasn’t enough. It was mental and emotional training that unlocked my true potential. Now, I share this knowledge with you, leveraging my:

  • MBA and current doctoral studies in psychology.
  • Over 15 years of personal fitness experience.
  • Proven track record of transforming lives.


Ready to unleash your full potential? Join my limited-time program and experience the life-changing power of holistic peak performance. In just 90 days, you’ll:

  • Develop a personalized roadmap to your goals.
  • Master powerful mental fitness techniques.
  • Implement sustainable fitness habits.
  • Enjoy expert coaching and support throughout your journey.


Invest in yourself and unlock your greatest version. I’m so confident in my program that I offer a full money-back guarantee. If you don’t experience a significant shift in your life within 90 days, you get your investment back, no questions asked.

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Please note that this combo offer of Mental & Physical Fitness Coaching is available as a minimum three month commitment.

Are you looking for more information on what each component of our ultimate mind-body transformation includes? 

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Mental fitness coaching focuses on strengthening your mental and emotional wellbeing. It involves strategies and exercises to enhance resilience, focus, and emotional intelligence, helping you navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence.

While traditional therapy often focuses on healing and understanding past issues, mental fitness coaching is more action-oriented, concentrating on developing skills and strategies for current and future challenges. It’s about building mental resilience and proactive wellbeing.
Absolutely. Our coaching provides tools and techniques specifically designed to manage stress and anxiety effectively. By improving your mental fitness, you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s pressures with a calm and focused mindset.
Physical fitness and mental fitness complement each other. While you may be physically strong, mental fitness coaching can enhance your mental resilience, focus, and emotional balance, leading to improved overall performance and wellbeing.
Yes, our program is tailored to fit all levels of experience. Whether you’re new to mental fitness or looking to deepen your existing practice, we provide the guidance and support you need.

Results can vary, but many clients notice improvements in their mindset and emotional wellbeing within a few weeks. Consistent practice and engagement are key to experiencing the benefits of mental fitness coaching.

Staying motivated can be challenging, but our program includes regular check-ins and community support to keep you engaged. The optional monthly coaching calls also provide an extra layer of motivation and personal connection.

Our program is designed to be flexible and integrate seamlessly into your daily routine. The time commitment is manageable and the practices are often intended to be incorporated into your everyday activities.
If you’re looking to improve your mental resilience, emotional wellbeing, and overall quality of life, you’re ready. Our program is for those committed to personal growth and willing to engage actively in the process of mental and emotional development.

While this specific program is designed to enhance your mindset through mental fitness techniques. It sounds like you will be most interested in our complete transformation program which goes beyond traditional coaching by integrating mental and physical fitness into your training. With my background in psychology and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, I offer a holistic approach to wellness. This combined fitness and mental fitness coaching not only helps you achieve your physical goals but also enhances your mental resilience and emotional wellbeing. By addressing both physical and mental aspects, you’ll experience a more comprehensive transformation, leading to improved overall health, increased mental clarity, and greater emotional balance. This holistic approach ensures you’re not just building a stronger body, but also cultivating a more resilient and focused mind.

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